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Ananyashree Birla, Founder & Chairperson Svatantra Microfinance

I have been training with Supriyaa since the past 2 years and have seen tremendous results. Personally, I have a blast while training with her and she pushes me just enough. She herself is so fit, which is another indication of her dedication and knowledge of the subject.

As I understand, it is extremely vital to use the right techniques while working out. She makes sure of this, thus eliminating chances of injury. The work outs don't get monotonous as she mixes it up with new and interesting forms of exercise focusing on different muscle groups.

Supriyaa is a great personal trainer and nutritionist. Not only will she compose the right work out for your body type but also will create a complete diet plan to ensure that your goals are achieved. Even though my knowledge of the subject is limited, I surely highly recommend her to anyone who is serious about working out hard, using the right techniques and seeing results while enjoying every minute of it!

Ananyashree Birla,
Founder & Chairperson, Svatantra Microfinance

Supriyaa has been more than a nutritionist for me for the past year. She has been a friend and a positive influence, who has gently guided me in the direction of good health and overall wellbeing. Her diet and workout plans have helped me not only lose weight and improve my fitness levels, but have also helped me develop a greater understanding of nutrition and healthy living. The best thing about Supriyaa’s diet plans is that she tries to adapt them to one’s taste, preference, culture and lifestyle. Supriyaa diligently monitors one’s progress, always available to answer any queries and forever encouraging one to stay on course to achieve one’s targets.

Sangeeta Menon
Communication professional

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