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Weight Management

Weight Management

Supriyaa and her team believe strongly in weight management and not just weight loss. We have a strong conviction that every individual differs in health statuses, health problems, dietary likes and dislikes, fitness, motivation levels as well as readiness and so, no single weight management plan is suitable for everyone and therefore, we have the right solution for you.

We aim to simplify this weight management process for you through healthy means of:

  • Personalized Dietary Alterations
  • Accelerated Exercise Techniques
  • Maintenance Program
  • Body, Muscle, Water and Fat Analysis
  • Diet Analysis & Report
  • Customized Meal & Supplement Plan
  • Accelerated Training Regime
  • Fitness Level & Cardio Tests
  • Posture Assessment

From protein to carbohydrate ratios, minerals to vitamins needed, exercise types and intensity, relaxation techniques, stretching and toning exercises, we ensure that the entire programme will be especially customized for every individual.

Remember that successful and sustainable weight management has to be holistic.

Supriya Nair NutritionistStart a Healthy Life

Please feel free to call or make an appointment so that I can understand your needs better in order to assist you towards optimal health.