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Corporate Wellness

Corporate Wellness

The health and welfare of the employees affect work productivity to a large extent. Long hours, demanding workloads and a fast paced lifestyle leaves one drained and fatigued. In addition to a stressful lifestyle, having a diet based on fast foods, skipping meals, lack of activity can all be detrimental to one's health.

Here's where we can step in and help you have a healthier lifestyle.

Our Corporate Health programs include:

  • Health screening
  • Health assessment
  • Seminar on healthy ageing
  • Stress management
  • Targeted health interventions such as weight management, diabetic care, and cardiac health management.
  • Helping plan healthier menu for canteens
  • Helping purchase health and fitness equipment
  • Workplace health consultancy
  • Group Yoga and fitness programs (60-90mins)

Supriya Nair NutritionistStart a Healthy Life

Please feel free to call or make an appointment so that I can understand your needs better in order to assist you towards optimal health.