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Supriyaa is a consultant nutritionist and fitness expert who helps individuals, celebrities and organisations achieve healthy body and mind.

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    About Supriyaa

    Born and brought up in Mumbai, fitness has been an intricate part of my life since the start. Having always been at the top of the athletic food chain through school, the field of fitness sought my interest as a career option. They say it's always a good idea to mix your interest with your work, so then work doesn't seem like work and becomes fun. Exactly what I tried to do.

Health Tip

  • Only eat at a table: Eat at a designated food area such as dining table: not in the car, at your desk, etc. You are more likely to pay attention to visual cues that help you decide you are full. According to research, being able to see all that you have eaten(evidenced by the remnants of food on the table) can help you eat 27% less at meals.